Our Mission


"HONESTY" is one of the bed rocks of Justice. Law is Honesty. Equity is Honesty. Law and Equity equals Justice. That is why we  "EQUITY INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM". We stand behind our clients for Justice by all legal means.

The mission of EQUITY INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM is to provide superior legal representation to achieve optimal results in resolving our client's legal issues, while exercising the highest standards of professionalism.

We achieve our mission by following these specific objectives: :

* Uphold the highest standards of professionalism by exercising unfailing honesty, integrity, fairness, loyalty, compassion, and courtesy.

* Seek and maintain the best reputation in the community regarding client representation, ethics, morals, and professionalism-and remain in compliance with the Common Law and Civil Law Rules of Professional Conduct and the Rules Concerning the Cameroon Bar.

* Diligently educate the client on all legal (substantive and procedural), moral implications, and other relevant issues in the case.

* Provide the client with pragmatic legal advice, explaining alternatives and consequences, including giving a fair estimate of the probabilities of success and failure on each alternative, without telling the client what alternative to take.

* Provide the client regular written memos on all major case developments. Provide the client with copies of all documents received by the chambers(firm).

* Stay abreast of all changes to pertinent law, including new appellate case law, statutes and amendments to statutes, ordinances, court rules, evidence rules, Administrative Orders, and Administrative Rules, by attending legal conferences and purchasing legal resources.

* Stay abreast of (and obtain if needed) all new technology and resources that provide better legal representation for the client.



* Cameroon Court for Civil Pro Bono Panel

Professional Law Licenses:

* Republic of Cameroon
* Central Africa Regional Court Member

Int'l Professional Memberships:

Cameroon Bar Association

West Africa Bar Association

Central Africa Region Bar Association

International Bar Association

Cameroon Trial Lawyers Association

National Association of Human Rights Defense Lawyers

National Association of Environmental Law activists


Rue Joffre Akwa
Douala Littoral Region
B.P 12017. Cameroon

TelePhone: (+237) 666 844 502

Facsimile: (+237) 433 76 98 00