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The EQUITY INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM is a reputable Bilingual (English & French) and Bi-jural (Common Law & Civil Law) Law Firm based in Douala, Cameroon, Africa. Since its creation in 1989 it has gained profound respect and reputation for it’s numerous
successes in defending the interests of both domestic and international clients in divers areas of the law, in venues having the English common law or the French civil law judicial system, adopted by most African countries south of the Sahara desert..


* Aviation & Aerospace Law
* Energy/Petroleum/ & Natural Resources Law
* Computer & Technology Law
* Tax Law
* Social Security
* Joint-Ventures Negotiations
* Personal Injury
* Construction Law
* Corporate Law
* Banking Law
* Contracts Law
* Environmental Law
* Immigration/Naturalization
* Admiralty & Maritime Law
* Bankruptcy
* Intellectual Property
* Criminal Law
* Financial Claims & Collections
* Product Liability
* Real Estate
* Arbitration/Alternative Conflict Resolution
* Mergers & Acquisitions
* Wills & Probate
* Private International Law
* Labour & Employment
* Credibility/Criminal Background Checks
* Foreign government & Private Investment
* Administrative Law
* All forms of Inter-Governmental Negotiations

Legal Services:

We represent client from all over the world and wherever in the world that our services, experience and expertise are requested. We claim excellence in commercial disputes, government investigations for our clients- be it foreign government entities & officials, Banks & other financial institutions, especially in Africa. We also claim expertise and success in International litigation & Arbitration of business and contractual dispute, Immigration fraud investigation, financial fraud claims and asset-recovery.

Diverse & Talented:
Our lawyers are bilingual (English & French) and very verse in both the common law and civil law legal procedures. They bring to bear in your case deep experience in winning high-stakes arbitration and litigation disputes and in sensitive government investigations. Because of our bilingual and bi-jural experience we understand and respect our sophisticated international clients and their business goals and objectives by acting decisively and with diligence and precision in diverse legal venues.

Direct Contact:
Due to our quest for maximum client satisfaction we receive clients' phone calls 24/7 and act promptly to achieve results with due diligence. You will discover in us a personal relationship which provides the proper climate to superbly, expediently, proficiently and economically resolve your matter.

Quality Innovative Leaders:

We have earned distinction among our peers in our professional and ethical performance- both in domestic and international venues. We have litigated precedent-setting cases, successfully arbitrated complex commercial domestic and international disputes, deftly managed, quelled and defended financial and politically sensitive high profile investigations. And besides all the legal excellence we also are leaders in our communities, though philanthropic services, pro bono work and charitable services and fund-raising efforts to help the needy.



* Cameroon Court for Civil Pro Bono Panel

Professional Law Licenses:

* Republic of Cameroon
* Central Africa Regional Court Member

Int'l Professional Memberships:

Cameroon Bar Association

West Africa Bar Association

Central Africa Region Bar Association

International Bar Association

Cameroon Trial Lawyers Association

National Association of Human Rights Defense Lawyers

National Association of Environmental Law activists


Rue Joffre Akwa
Douala Littoral Region
B.P 12017. Cameroon

TelePhone: (+237) 666 844 502

Facsimile: (+237) 433 76 98 00